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  • You are responsible for your own display, including SOLID BLACK TABLE COVERS ONLY and must touch the floor on each side. NO VINYL/PLASTIC COVERS ALLOWED. No cardboard displays please (must be covered in black). No lawn chairs, no tent structure allowed.
  • Fees and balance due must be received prior to show date, or acceptance will not be guaranteed, as applications are first-come, first-served. Credit card payments have 4% handling charge and $35 fee for returned checks. Fees due on all signed applications and verbal agreements to participate, must be paid or vendor will not be able to participate in other shows
  • Booth sharing is not allowed.
  • Fees are non-refundable. However, in special circumstances, at the discretion of the promoter, you may request a credit be applied to a future show.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining State Sales Tax ID Number and necessary permits.
  • There is no AM setup. Only at 9:30PM after the mall is closed. Special space assignments will be held until then. Late arrivals will be re-assigned based on availability. Most malls allow unloading near main doors or at the loading dock. However, in some malls, specific instructions will be given.
  • Please do not park near mall doors or bring in items before check-in.
  • If you need electricity, please provide a surge protector, heavy-duty extension cords, tape and mats to cover the cords in exposed areas. Light bulbs should be 75 watts or lower. Do consider using energy saving light bulbs.


  • Exhibitors must be opened by 10:00AM daily unless otherwise instructed. You or a representative must be present for the duration of the show. Lateness will not be tolerated. It is unprofessional, disrespectful and unfair to others who make an effort to be on time. Habitual late-comers will not be accepted for future events.
  • BLACK TABLE COVERS ONLY No exception. Booths must be kept neatly at all times. All boxes, bags and containers must be covered in black or kept out of sight.
  • No hand-written signs - except price tags.
  • NO SALE OR DISCOUNT SIGNS - Verbal offers are OK......NO WHOLESALE ALLOWED. Vendor may be excluded from future events.
  • Do dress comfortably in appropriate attire. (no flip-flops, shorts, tank or strapless tops) Remember each exhibitor is promoting his/her own business and appearance does count.
  • A good show is a-work-in-progress so do voice your concerns and share your opinions.
  • Please do not park near mall doors or bring in items until after check-in.
  • Mall management and Peer Promotions require that you follow the rules as it affects contract renewal decisions.


  • Please remove your property from the mall without unnecessary delay.
  • Thank you for leaving a clean space.